The Andalusian horses are a most impressive sight, with its sculptural beauty and proud bearing which for centuries have made it a favorite subject for sculptors and painters and today for Hollywood movies. The Andalusian is strongly built, yet extremely elegant. The typical Andalusian stands 15.2 to 17.0 hands. Its head is of medium length, rectangular and lean, and in profile, is strongly convex or straight with broad forehead and well-placed ears.

The eyes are large and kind, alive, oval and placed within an orbital arch. The neck is reasonably long, broad yet elegant and well-crested in stallions. The mane is thick and long well defined withers precede a short back; the quarters are broad and strong. The croup is rounded and of medium length. The tail is set low and lies tightly against the body. Our Andalusian Stud Service is designed to reproduce these qualities to create a Black Andalusian Horse For Sale and Bay Andalusian Horse for Sale.

Today the Andalusian horse displays great versatility that has, in fact, been present for centuries. They perform in competitions for Dressage, Jumping, Driving, Trail, Western Pleasure and English Pleasure. He is a parade and exhibition horse without peer. The Andalusian horse displays the ultimate in courage, agility, collection and a docile temperament. He is known as “The Horse of Kings.”

Hacienda del Sol

At Hacienda del Sol our focus is breeding, Andalusian Stud Services, and to provide the aficionado with the best Black and Bay Andalusian Horses For Sale. We are dedicated exclusively to the breeding of “Black and Bay Caballos de Pura Raza Española” (Andalusians in the USA).

Owners Leonardo & Maria Mandina, born in Cuba of Spanish parents, lived in Spain for many years. There, they developed a love for the Andalusians. The horses at Hacienda Del Sol come from the best bloodlines in Spain, mainly from Maria Fernanda de la Escalera and Yeguada Militar. The offsprings we seek should be outstanding athletes with excellent conformation, great minds, movement and outstanding ability for your choice of discipline.

At Hacienda Del Sol, the owners breed, train and show the Andalusians following Spanish traditions set centuries ago. We clip manes and tails following traditions to produce full manes and tails when horses become adults. We work and handle out offspring from day one to produce beautiful, quiet and loving horses. We stress feeding the very best feeds in hay to produce quality and healthy foals. Hacienda del Sol is located in Vero Beach, Florida, in Indian River County.

Our Story

I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for the apportunity that He has placed in my hands to have and love the PRE horse. It means so much to me, not only because I love horses, but also it is very special that we share a common heritage. I also want to thank my family for their support, most of all my husband that believes in me and has always worked hard to provide for the family and the beautiful horses that we own.

It all started with my daughters who always dreamt about owning a horse. I think they got it from my dad. My father, a Spaniard, owned Andalusians during the Spanish Civil War. He would tell me stories of his horses and would always insist that the PRE were the best horses in the world. This love for the breed was passed on to me and my daughters. What a gift from God and from my father!

We started the breeding program in 1995. We put all our love and time in breeding the very best Andalusians in the USA from the best bloodlines in Spain. We have always been meticulous about the way we brought up our foals, their diet, and exercise program.

Now we have started a new dream. We have traveled throughout Spain in 4 different trips. We went there to look for the very best stallion. The stallion we seeked had to meet several criteria: the very best conformation & movement, a world class genealogy, as well as the most important quality, great temperament. The stallion had to pass my test of having the ideal temperament to become our breeding champion. The stallion also had to pass one of the most important tests the ¨TRC ¨ or as known in the USA, the ¨Qualified¨ test. I wanted to make sure that not only I would approve of the stallion but that the experienced judges would also find him good enough to be a breeding stallion by granting him the title of TRC (calificado). As I searched for this stallion, I wondered if he even existed, after all, I was looking for “the total package”. I can now tell you that indeed he does exist.

I found the stallion by pure chance. We visited Yeguada Maria Fernanda de la Escalera y de la Escalera. There Mr. Manuel Novales de la Escalera, Maria Fernanda´s son, was showing us a few mares. Then I saw him, Triunfador XXIV, he was a sight. When I asked about him, he was not for sale. I had finally found my stallion, but now I had to start the hardest work, convincing Manuel to sell him to us. It took many months of writing e-mails and visiting the ranch 3 times to finally buy Triunfador. What a chance! What a blessing! Now I had my dream horse to start a breeding program with a stallion that derived from the oldest “yeguada” in Spain, known to be at least 300 years old, the Yeguada Maria Fernanda de la Escalera y de la Escalera. Triunfador has been the number one black breeding stallion at the world famous Escalera ranch for many years and now we are privileged to have him on our ranch in Florida.

I hope to give other breeders the opportunity to breed this amazing stallion to their mares. Why not dream of breeding your mare to the best? He is Triunfador, Qualified, DNA Tested homozygous black (EEaa), he is 100% pure Escalera, his bloodlines come from champions and many horses in the ¨Book of Merits¨ including several SICAB Champions of Spain. He has an amazing show record. He has finished top 5 three times in Sicab, numerous gold medals, several times awarded champion of the breed, morphology, best movement and functionality awards along with many many other titles. He has been awarded gold in some of the world´s most prestigious shows like Sevilla and Jerez. He was named absolute champion of the breed and functionality in Sevilla.

I still can not believe I have this beauty. I hope to live up to the trust of Maria Fernanda de la Escalera y de la Escalera and her son Manuel who trusted me with this legendary star.

God bless you all,

Maria Mandina.

Triunfador XXIV
“A Living Legend and Spain Genetic Treasure”

Name: Triunfador XXIV (Qualified)
Date of Birth: March 12, 2001
Size: 16.3 hands (170cm)
Place of Birth: Vero Beach, Fl 32967
Parents: Hebreo XIX (Mejorante) & Triunfadora XIV
Color: Black EEaa
Sex: Stallion
Registered: Ancce
Breeding status: Revised, Qualified

Description: “ A Living Legend and Spanish Genetic Treasure” “A stud’s excellence is measured by the quality of his offspsring”

Black PRE Maria Fernanda del la Escalera branded black multi champion gentleman, we consider him “ The complete Package” due to his bloodlines, show record and ability to produce champions

Father Hebreo XIX (Mejorante), Macanuo III (Sicab Champion of Spain in Movement and in Book Of Merits), Hebrea XI ( Book of Merits, sister to Ermitano III), Nadador VII ( The most decorated PRE in history, in the Laureate section of the Book of Merits, 4 time Sicaba Champion of Spain (Absolute and Movement) , Macanua, is in the Laureate section Book of Merits and 2 time Sicab Champion of Spain (Absolute and Movement), Ermitania IV, is in the Laureate section of the Book of Merits and a Sicab Gold Medalist and the mother of Ermitano III), Deseada XX is in the Book of Merits, Lebrijano III, Legendary son of Agente out of Maluso 8 crosses to Maluso in Triunfador’s Geneaology.

Offspring: Records:

103 Medals among his offspring ( Mostly in Spain) 55 Gold medals, 26 Sicab Medals(20 Gold, 4 Silver,2 Bronze). 20 Sicab “Champion of Spain, 4 Sicab Sub Champion of Spain Titles, 8 Sicab World Champion Titles, 2 Sicab Sub World Champion Titles, 3 daughters+1 sister make up Escalera’s 2012 Sicab Cobra Awarded Sub-Champion of Spain and 2013 Gold Medal Champion of Andalucia Cobra. 4 daughters in Escalera’s 2013 Gold Medal, Champion of Spain 5 mare Cobra and 2 Daughters in the 3 mare cobra also Champions of Spain in Sicab 2013,2014. 3 Mare Cobra “Champion of Andalucia” 2014 all of 3 are Triunfador’s daughters., 2 daughters in 3 mare cobra and 4 daughters in Escalera’s Champion of Spain cobras at Sicab 2013,2014, 2015, 2016.

Show Record: 7 Gold Medals in Spain (including Sevilla and Jerez Absolute Champion of the Breed, 3 times top 5 Finalist in Sicab. Please see list :

Temperament: Gentleman, trustworthy, safe, people lover, responsive, powerful, great work ethic, calm, serene and great mind.

Movement: Straight, fluid gaits, athletic, suspension and straight extension, responsive powerful backend.

triunfador bloodlines.pdf

DNA color report:
color results on triunfador.pdf


After waiting for over a year,
October is finally here.
The national title he seeks,
For he is so smart he almost speaks.
An onyx stallion is he,
A national champion soon he’ll be.
A magnificent Andalusian is he,
With Spanish blood like me.
Across miles of hills we roam,
Always sure you’ll take me back home.
As I sit on your elegant back,
A gentle kindness you never lack.
So small am I,
So powerful are you.
We chase the clouds and skies of blue.
I love your coat of midnight black,
Your warm muzzle and the sweet smell you never lack.
Abundant of heart and of mane,
Win or lose I’ll love you just the same.
As I drift this night to sleep,
My thoughts you own and are now yours to keep.
Together we’ll ride as far as I can see,
My Spanish love and me.

By Maria Laura Mandina

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