Obcecada del Sol

Name: Obcecada del Sol
Date of Birth: March 7, 2011
Size: 16.0 hands
Place of Birth: Vero Beach, Florida USA imported in utero
Parents: Notario XXIV & Utrera XI( Qualified)
Color: Negra EEaa
Sex: Mare
Registered: Ancce
Breeding status: Revised
Description: Black impressive PRE, with all the qualities, need to be a broodmare or riding partner with unlimited potential.
Temperament: Serious, people lover, sweet, hard working, safe, serene calm with a great mind.
Movement: She has it all, straightforward movement, implosion and powerful suspension, with a calm great mind.
Under saddle: She is very talented and smart, with balanced uphill ground covering gates. Excellent sensitivity to aids, confident in walk, trot, and canter. New to leg yield, lengthening strides, shoulder in and travers and walk/canter. First show scores in the high 70’s.

Sire: Notario XXIV Jose Luis Escalera bloodlines, Vinatero III, Estudiante XII 1983

Dam: Utrera XI (Qualified) DNA black with no markings, her parents are also Qualified. Obcecado (Qualified) is Yeguada Militar’s Flagship stud. He is Qualified. Grandson of the legendary Leviton out of Agente. Obcecado ‘s brother is Oleaje qualified 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist in Athens. His Father Bizarro XIV is historic Yeguada Militar stud. Lebrijano III.

Joyera VIII (Qualified) Yeguada military and Escalera origins. Her sire, Estudiante XII 1983 is in the Book of Merits, out of the Legendary Yeguada Militar stud Lebrijano III out of Agente.


obcecada bloodlines.pdf

DNA Color:
Obcecada color report.pdf

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