Orgullosa CXLVI

Name: Orgullosa CXLVI
Date of Birth: March 3, 2008
Size: 16.2 hands (168cm)
Place of Birth: Sevilla, Spain
Parents: Ranchero XIV (Mejorante) & Dejada IV
Color: Negra EEAa can produce black

Sex: Mare

Registered: Ancce

Breeding status: Revised

Description: Bay PRE mare, 100% Maria Fernanda de la Escalera, tall, correct, for the serious breeder wanted to produce the very best babies,

Temperament: smart, people lover, majestic, regal, great loving mind.

Movement: Nice fluid gaits, athletic ability, excellent implosion, and suspension, straightforward movement.

SIRE: Ranchero XIV (Mejorante), Multi Gold Medalist, Including Sevilla. Champion of Breed, Movement, and Functionality. Sicab Bronze Medal 2001. Sicab 4 times finalist Honorable mention. Gold in Sicab 2001, Andalucia 2002, Jerez 2002. Faraon XXIV, historic stud. Dam Ranchera VII (Book of Merits) out of Ganador VIII (Book of Merits)

DAM: Dejada IV, granddaughter of Delicado III, Valenciano XXI y Enamorada V 1974 all in the Book Of Merits.

orgullosa bloodlines.pdf

DNA Color report:
orgullosa color.pdf

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