Poderosa LVII

Name: Poderosa LVII
Date of Birth: March 26, 2009
Size: 16.1 hands (165cm)
Place of Birth: Sevilla, Spain
Parents: Ranchero XIV (Mejorante) & Hungara XLIV
Color: Bay EEAA
Sex: Mare
Registered: Ancce
Breeding status: Revised

Description: Bay 100% Maria Fernanda de la Escalera mare. Beautiful, powerful with outstanding Escalera conformation.

Temperament: Very sweet, loves people, inquisitive and safe, very regal and majestic.

Movement: Straight, fluid gaits, athletic, suspension and straight extension, powerful backend.

SIRE: Ranchero XIV (Mejorante), Multi Gold Medalist, Including Sevilla. Champion of Breed, Movement, and Functionality. Sicab Bronze Medal 2001. Sicab 4 times finalist Honorable mention. Gold in Sicab 2001, Andalucia 2002, Jerez 2002. Faraon XXIV, historic stud. Dam Ranchera VII (Book of Merits) out of Ganador VIII (Book of Merits)

DAM: Hungara LXIV out of Ermitano IV (Sicab Top 5 finalist in Jerez) out of Ganador VIII & Ermitana IV both in Book of Merits. Hungara dam is Zoila III out of Mirla II all in the Book of Merits. And Favorito XXX Paco Lazo’s 1992 Sicab Champion of Spain.

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